After landslide re-election, Russia's Putin tells West: I don't want arms race

Russian President Vladimir Putin struck a softer tone towards the West on Monday after winning his biggest ever election victory, saying he had no des...

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Putin wins Russia's presidential election: exit poll

An exit poll showed Vladimir Putin won Russia’s presidential election held on Sunday with 73.9 percent of the vote. ...

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Russia to expel UK diplomats as crisis over nerve toxin attack deepens

Russia is set to expel British diplomats in retaliation for Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to kick out 23 Russians as relations with London cra...

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Trump fires top diplomat Tillerson, taps CIA's Pompeo

U.S. President Donald Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Tuesday after a series of public rifts over policy on North Korea, Russia and Ir...

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'National Rally': Le Pen proposes new party name for National Front

France's far-right leader Marine Le Pen has proposed changing her party's name to National Rally from National Front in a bid to improve its image. ...

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Trump says Kim meeting is 'in the making' despite concerns

President Trump has tweeted that a deal with North Korea is "very much in the making", a day after revealing he had agreed to meet its leader Kim Jong...

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EU warns Trump of trade war, China raises concerns at WTO

Europe and the IMF urged Donald Trump on Wednesday to step back from the brink of a trade war, after the resignation of his economic adviser emboldene...

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Italy election: Populist surge prompts political deadlock

Italy's voters have turned to right-wing and populist parties in an election that is set to leave the country with a hung parliament. ...

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Faced with U.S. tax cuts, France, Germany hasten harmonization: Merkel

Germany and France will bring forward plans to introduce a common corporation tax system in response to tax cuts announced by the Trump administration...

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Declassified Spy Papers Reveal a 1981 Attempt to Assassinate Queen Elizabeth II in New Zealand

Declassified intelligence documents released Thursday reveal that a mentally disturbed teenager attempted to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II while she ...

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China's Xi Jinping: Extending president's rule would be farce, says critic

Allowing Chinese President Xi Jinping to rule indefinitely will be seen by historians as a farce, a government critic has told the BBC. ...

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Diesel ban approved for German cities to cut pollution

German cities will be allowed to ban older diesel vehicles from some areas following a landmark court ruling. ...

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